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Arctic Spa

Welcome to relax and refresh in Laanila's unique sauna world!

Laanilan Kievari offers two private saunas, providing the perfect place to relax and spend quality time together. The larger sauna can accommodate up to 30 people, while the smaller one is suitable for 6 people. Adjacent to the sauna, you can take a dip in a small spring-fed pond or relax in the outdoor hot tub all year round.

Ice swimming offers many health benefits, it strengthens immunity, relieves stress and helps to recover from exercise. Ice swimming makes you feel refreshed and energized - best of all, it wakes up your appetite!


  Sauna & ice swimming

  2h private use


(Including towel, detergents)


Sauna, ice swimming & outdoor jacuzzi

2h private use


(Including towel, detergents)

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