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À la carte


Asparagus soup


Flat bread and whitefish roe mousse

Karelian styled flatbreat and whitefish roe mousse with lingonberry oil


Laaniporo and tomatoes

From Spain, there's Jamón Serrano, from Italy, Prosciutto, and from Laanila, there's Laaniporo. This unique reindeer delicacy, aged for over a year, is served with tomato.


Moose tartar

Traditional tartare served with a raw egg yolk. We recommend pairing it with champagne for a perfect combination.


Green salad

Fresh and tasty green salad with herbal oil


Main dishes

Fish of the day

Fish caught by local fishermen from nearby lakes.


Game meat vorschmack

Vorschmack from reindeer and elk with a hint of herring added for seasoning. Served with traditional side dishes.


Roasted pork ribs

Served with spicy fermented kale and Finnish brandy and cola sauce that has 23 different ingredients


Hemp tofu

Tofu made from Finnish aromatic roasted hemp seeds offers a vegan option that will not be forgotten.


Panfried pheasant

A slightly more southern game bird in Laanilan Kievari's style - with asparagus, hollandaise and red wine sauce.


Moose tenderloin

Our classic dish served with red wine sauce, porcini and Lappish almond potatoes


Reindeer shoulder

Shared joy is the best joy! A whole reindeer shoulder, given its final touches in the warmth of the fireplace, served with honey-marinated vegetables, perfect for sharing.


Willow grouse by pre-order


King crab by pre-order





Dessert, a culmination that explores the textures of chocolate.


Kievari's chocolate cake and ice cream

Rich and dark, one might almost say a sinful chocolate cake is an all time favorite among customers.


Lingonberry and caramel

A traditional flavor pair in Laanilan Kievari's style


Kievari's ice cream

Homemade ice cream with changing flavors



Kievari's cheese assortment is suitable both as an intermediate cheese and as a dessert.


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